Nekton Research was used as a technology incubator for the Parata pill counting and dispensing technology.  I am one of the co-inventors and developers of the Parata pill counting and dispensing technology.  The Patent for this is listed on the patents page.  After the initial development testing and trial period in a pharmacies, Parata spun out of Nekton Research and became its own successful company, designing, manufacturing and selling robotic pill counting and dispensing machines to hospitals and pharmacies.

The Parata Robotic Dispensing System (RDS) contains ~120 pill bins.  The Parata RDS interfaces with the pharmacy's inventory system, allowing the pharmacist to task the robot with dispensing the pills, labeling the pill bottle, and placing the cap on the bottle.  The RDS deposits the labeled and capped bottle in a pick up area according to customers last name.  The Parata RDS has been very successful and is in wide use in hospitals and pharmacies.  The machine shown to the right is one of the earlier versions of the Parata RDS.  I was co-inventor and developer of the  pill counting and dispensing technology, and did development work on the vacuum system, and the bottle retrieval, labeling and capping mechanisms.  The RDS has since gone through design iterations.  The latest versions can be seen at the Parata website.

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